"Dreamtime Theater" is a radio play written by Kirsten Liden & Noah Madrano. It first aired October 8, 2012 on KBOO, and was directed by Madrano. It can be streamed on demand here.

Plot synopsisEdit

Noah has a dream.


Speak 'n' Spell is among the toys in Noah's room, and we hear a noise from the original toy system.

First reference to the Aubrey Plaza Shopping Center. "The Umberella Song" by Rihanna is quoted.


This play was originally conceived as the first in a series of dreams that would feature recurring characters each month. This series would have been titled "The Dreamtime Theater Experiment".

At the beginning and end of this play, it establishes that the Noah & Kirsten characters live together as a couple and sleep in the same bed. This is in contrast to the Noah & Kirsten characters that are established from Episode 3 onward.

This play was re-broadcast in Episode 11 on August 12, 2013, but with the opening and closing non-dream sequences removed.


Noah as Noah; Mr. Wolfenschmitt

Kirsten as Kirsten; French-speaking woman; Brick wall

Sara as Aubrey Plaza Shopping Center clerk/shopper; Woman

Michelle as Spanish-speaking woman; Corner Store employee

Nicholas as Jack; Fireman

Deborah as Mom