Dreamtime Theater
Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date October 8, 2012
Written by K. Liden, N. Madrano
Directed by Noah Madrano
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Episode 1Edit

Airdate: October 8, 2012

Episode title: "Dreamtime Theater"

Contents: Dreamtime, The Fetus Police, A Man in the Way, Obama For...Something, Episode 2 teaser promo

Cast: Nicholas, Sara, Kirsten, Noah, Michelle & Deb

Writers: Liden-Madrano

Director: Noah Madrano

Produced by Power T Productions

Special thanks to Lyli for the translations.

"The Fetus Police" from The Ubu Hour

written by Rolf Semprebon

originally aired 12-5-11 on KBOO

"A Man in the Way" from Gremlin Time

written by F. Scott Fitzgerald

originally aired 5-27-07 on KBOO

"Obama For... Something" from Sudden Radio Project

originally aired 7-23-12 on KBOO


"Love Me Do" by The Beatles

from Love Me Do (7" single)

released 10-5-62 (Parlophone)