Power T Productions is a production company and record label founded in 1993. It is based in Portland, Oregon, and is currently the producer of Sub-Human Intellect Theater on KBOO-FM.

Audio productionsEdit

From 1996-2000, Power T Productions was responsible for the production and distribution of Star Trekked, a series created by Noah Madrano and John Miller. After the end of Star Trekked, Power T lay dormant until the 2006 special The Star Trekked 10th Anniversareunion Spectacular, as well as a few other one-off specials.

In 2012, Power T Productions resumed full-time series production with Sub-Human Intellect Theater, as well as producing the segment "Random Moments" for KBOO radio.

Other productionsEdit

Power T Productions originally started as a television production company based in the cable-access sector, producing programs primarily for MCTV (now MetroEast Media). Although regular video production had ceased by 1995, Power T did produce 3 video specials for the Star Trekked series in the late '90s.

From 2000 onwards, Power T Productions stayed active by focusing its efforts on record production and distribution. This resulted in the formation of Power T Records in 2000.