"Sex Talk Therapy" is a radio play written by Kirsten Liden & Noah Madrano. It first aired September 10, 2012 on KBOO, and was the premiere episode of Sub-Human Intellect Theater. "Sex Talk Therapy" is a parody of Sex Talk Radio, the show that previously occupied that timeslot on KBOO. It was directed by Madrano, and is the only radio play/main feature from S.H.I.T. to not be made available on the website

Plot synopsisEdit

Lyle and Wretchen answer listeners' sex questions via phone, e-mail, or voicemail.


Sex Talk Radio aired on the 2nd Monday of the each month in the same timeslot that Sub-Human Intellect Theater took over on KBOO. It was hosted by Kyle & Gretchen.


Noah as Lyle

Kirsten as Wretchen & Caller

Rolf as Caller

Devin as Caller