"The Death Noise" is a radio play written & directed by Noah Madrano. It first aired July 2, 2012 on The Ubu Hour on KBOO, and served as the unofficial pilot for Sub-Human Intellect Theater. It later aired on S.H.I.T. on June 10, 2013. It can be streamed or downloaded here.

Plot synopsisEdit

With only 14 minutes left in the show, Rolf asks the cast of The Ubu Hour if anyone has anything else they'd like to present on the show. One young writer speaks up and hands out his less-than-spectacular script. But before they can get through the first page, a terrorist named Hormuz breaks into the radio station, non realizing that they are live on the air. Hormuz makes one cast member record a statement that is to play on the Internet after "the death noise" kills anyone within ear-shot of the terrestrial broadcast signal in Portland. Realizing that the terrorists' plan will fall apart if KBOO's signal goes dark before the pre-arranged time, the cast member try to overtake Hormuz, but fail in doing so. However, Hormuz's inability to recognize that the red light means that they've been broadcasting this entire conversation live on-air results in him getting the order to detonate his bomb. Thankfully, Rolf and the cast are able to talk Hormuz out of it by befriending this obviously undedicated young terrorist. They all head out to celebrate their new friendship at the Tiki Cha Cha Club down the street.


Hormuz is named after the Straight of Hormuz, off the southern coast of Iran.

Hormuz references Jack Bauer from 24, as well as the quite real Seal Team Six.

The Tiki Cha Cha Club is not only a reference to "The Tiki Room" song, but also the show on KBOO that follows the radio theater hour, The Tiki Cha Cha Club.


Rolf as Rolf

Dr. Spo as Hormuz

Noah Madinajad as Ubu Actor/Writer

Comrade Joe as Ubu Actor

Garry Massiah as Ubu Actress

Kirsten as Announcer

NOTE: Kirsten is omitted from the rebroadcast, and is replaced by the more familiar Mr. Announcer.