'"'The Wizard of Odds" is a radio play written by S. Gray James, Kirsten Liden & Noah Madrano. It first aired November 12, 2012 on KBOO, and was directed by Madrano. It can be streamed on demand here.

Plot synopsisEdit

Dorothy, unaware about the importance of voting, is swept away into the Land of Oz where she meets several politically-minded people. She tries to find her way back home to Kansas in time for the election.


Wizard of Oz


This play was re-broadcast in Episode 6 on March 11, 2013, but with "Gangdam Style" replaced by "The Harlem Shake" during the debate dance-off.


Sara as Dorothy; Munchkin Noah as The Wizard; Douche Windbag

Kirsten as Aunt Em; Wicked Witch; Munchkin

Rolf as Hans Hanselman/Scarecrow; Munchkin

RaScHo as Mr. Davenport/Tin Man

Nicholas as Mayor/Lion

Conch as Uncle Henry; Munchkin